According to the survey contacted by NEMO (Network of European Museum Organisations) in May 2020, regarding the COVID-19 impact, 3 out of 5 museums reported losing an average of €20,300 a week due to closure and travel halt. While some museums have found their budget minimally impacted till that point, many museums reported a considerable loss of income (up to 75-80%), with larger museums reporting weekly losses of hundreds of thousands of Euros. 4 out of 5 museums have increased their digital services to reach their audiences, often by having staff take over new tasks to cope with the circumstances. 2 out of 5 museums reported an increase in online visits, ranging between 10 to 150% during the reporting time. The survey has also shown that the museums that were able to change their staff tasks and/or add resources were also able to increase their digital services and observed an increase in their online visits.


The project aims to assist small and medium museums in proceeding to their digital transformation. More specifically, the project will enable museum staff to create a virtual tour for a  specific collection of their museum, or for all the museum exhibits. It will also assist them in planning, organizing, and executing virtual events such as workshops and programs for their visitors. Overall, the project will help museums to overcome the issues that the COVID-19 pandemic created and be in place to adapt to the digital age for further attracting and engaging their visitors. 

Main results

The project will come up with 2 main results:
-  “Open Museums” Competence Guide.  The guide will include the skills and competencies that museum staff need to improve for updating their museums' activities in the new digital era. 

-  “Open Museums” E-learning Course. This e-learning course will prepare museum staff  to create virtual tours, engage with visitors virtually through the museum’s social media, create an e-shop for the museum and in general, improve the museum’s digital presence and the visitors’ virtual experience.